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DAO «Donbass» held a first working meeting with the representatives of the ministries of the DPR

14 Sep 2016 in Donetsk DAO"Donbass", in the framework of the working group, held a meeting with representatives of the ministries of the DPR. The working group was established on August 4, 2016, according to the results of the first conference related to the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the region.

At the first meeting talked about the problems associated with a lack of domestic and international payments for businesses and individuals. As one of the methods to improve the situation previously considered integration of the cryptocurrency in the region. The meeting reviewed several options for implementation of payments in cryptocurrencies on the territory of DPR.

Considered the possibility of using the traditional bitcoin wallet, attached to the person or entity. Also considered the possibility of entering their own cryptocurrency for internal cashless payments, and typing of bitcoin as a means of payments with the outside world.

Director of "the Bitcoin Donbass" Roman Morgunov, said: "Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will bring the region out of economic isolation, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens will be able to make transfers and payments worldwide with no restrictions. Of course this will happen with the participation of the Central Republic Bank and tax services”.

At the meeting it was decided to establish a legal and technical subgroups. The first will regulate the integration of cryptocurrencies in the fields of law, in the second subgroup will examine the technical documentation and source codes of cryptocurrency.

At the end of the meeting Roman Morgunov added: "After the integration of cryptocurrencies in the economy, the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity not only to make international payments, but also to access credit and to attract investment to your project in bitcoins. We just have to show the world community and specialized funds that we can offer this form of interaction (as a Decentralized

Autonomous Organization "Donbass"), bypassing sanctions."

Recall that DAO "Donbass" aims to bring the region out of its protracted economic crisis, as well as overcome the effects of sanctions through the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in financial system and institutions.