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The first company with legal cryptoshares on blockchain

On August 4, 2016 CoinOffering Ltd. was registered as the first company in the world with legal cryptographic shares. The shares are issued in the form of tokens on the Ethereum platform.

CoinOffering is a unique project that combines the Ethereum blockchain and regulated economy. Thanks to CoinOffering legally registered companies will be able to perform many of their functions (shares distribution, dividends payment, voting) with the help of the smart contract in Ethereum.

With the use of the new operational model you can:

• Maintain a list of shareholders in smart contracts, this allows you to buy and transfer the shares almost instantly and efficiently.
• Hold a transparent voting with the record of every vote, regardless of the location of the participants.
• Automatically pay dividends to shareholders.
• Guarantee the rights of the shareholders. The project provides a mechanism for conflict resolution at an international commercial arbitration.

The project is developed by the international team of experienced lawyers and developers, СEO Ivan Starinin participated in the development of MarginCall - the fastest cryptocurrency exchange.

“CoinOffering is a real revolution in the blockchain world. We have accomplished what many other companies tried to achieve. We have joined the legal and technical worlds. When buying tokens, you get actual shares and receive all the privileges of the shareholder. We reduce the IPO cost for companies and offer great opportunities for crowdfunding at a unique stock market.”
Ivan Starinin, CEO
CoinOffering ltd. 2016-08-08

“CoinOffering has invented legal and technical tools for easier shares management and transfer. We offset the main disadvantages of offshore companies - the lack of transparency, abscense of
effective mechanisms for the corporate disputes resolution, and at the same time, we keep their advantages, such as tax-exempt status.”
Viktor Ageyev, ССО

The company offers customised and integrated technical (smart contracts) and legal solutions for
any companies. CoinOffering smart contract code and texts of legal documents of the company
have been published open source and released on GitHub: Any
company can use this code or text, or can contact CoinOffering for legal and technical support with
adaptation for the business needs of each client.

“We actively support various open source projects. Our previous MarginCall project was published
for public access, and we continue to adhere to the policy of openness. Our developments are
published for free access in an open GitHub repository”.
Alexander Salnikov, CTO

In addition, CoinOffering develops its own trading platform, companies will be able to raise funds through angel investment or crowdfunding in the framework of smart contracts. A newly created company is immediately listed on the exchange market for stock trading. Existing companies can also go public and raise additional funds in the framework of the IPO analogue. CoinOffering will be the first to test this  possibility by holding the IPO-like procedure on its platform.

There were many attempts before to use the blockchain to split shares in commercial companies, but they existed only in the virtual world, without legal basis and methods of conflict resolution. CoinOffering solves this problem, connecting the world of the blockchain and the legal tools for business.

CoinOffering ltd. 2016-08-08