In St. Petersburg was held I-st International Conference Forum "Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: Prospects for Development in Russia" | Биткоин в России
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In St. Petersburg was held I-st International Conference Forum “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: Prospects for Development in Russia” | Блокчейн и Биткоин в России


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Crypto Currencies Foundation Russia (CCFR) held in St. Petersburg on August 9 I-th International Conference Forum "Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: Prospects for Development in Russia" - #CryptoForum. The event was attended, among bitcoin enthusiasts, Russian officials, representatives of the banking sector and experts from different sectors - jurists and economists, heads of relevant organizations, top managers of payment systems and IT-companies, as well as authors of scientific publications and specialized literature.

Sponsors of the conference:

- Services to promote cybersecurity WANGRIN (Gold Sponsor);
- A popular system for receiving and processing payments Z-Payment;
- The developer of cryptocurrency scratch cards PRYPTO;
- Exchange Rates crypto EXMO;
- Trading platform CRYPTONIT;
- Magazine about digital currencies and crypto-innovation Crypto Biz Magazine;
- Russian online newsletter about cryptocurrencies

Participants and onlookers have appreciated the high level of preparation and holding of the conference, and they focus on the fact that #CryptoForum the world's first event where as speakers made​​, given peer review and shared expectations of public officials, including the supervisory and regulatory structures. It is worth noting the report of the Head of the Department of Information and Communication of the International Training Center of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service (Rosfinmonitoring) Eugene Volovik, who categorically stated that:

- Bitcoin is not money substitutes;
- Do Rosfinmonitoring there is evidence that terrorists prefer fiat money virtual currency;
- If Russia shut off from the world financial system, will return to the Soviet Union and we will trade for gold;
- International sanctions against Russian companies and officials are weak. In the case of Russia's inclusion in the FATF blacklist, it will fall to the level of Iran.

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Professional opinion of the President of the Association shared "Electronic Money" Victor Dostov, saying that government cryptocurrencies regulation prematurely, while his organization is not ready to lobby for the interests of the bitcoin community in light of the discussion of the draft law of the acclaimed Ministry of Finance.

Head of the department of analytical services Yandex.Money Evgeny Vinogradov told the audience that now is the development of a common international format online payments.

Artem Tolkachev, well-known lawyer and bitcoin enthusiast, actively and consistently promoted the development of cryptocurrencies in Russia, given the forecast that the bill the Ministry of Finance from August 1, 2014 has a higher chance of acceptance and is, in his opinion, "will be the end cryptocurrencies in Russia".

The conference was attended by the founder of the first in Ukraine bitcoin agency KUNA and co-founder of Bitcoin Foundaton Ukraine Mikhail Chobanyan. He shared positive experiences cryptocurrency promote in the country and held a master class on the organization of the so-called "Satoshi Square" - activities regularly taking place in Kiev in the format of meet-up (participants discuss news and finance policy, exchange business ideas, trading cryptocurrencies).

Executives Bitfork develop company, Sergei Radchenko and Eugene Lonshakov, have audited the popular  cryptocurrencies exchanges and workshop "Creating your own bitcoin-project. Proven practices for the founder of the project".

Great interest was aroused by the report from the leader of the expedition UNESCO, full member of the Russian Geographical Society, honorary polar Russia, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia Sergey Solovyov, which was dedicated to the concept he developed the world's first mobile state "noonavts" (the state of modern world order, based on the adoption of solutions with the help of a global consensus, organized with the help of encryption technology). Sergei Solovyov said that as soon as he was minded to send an expedition, which will aim to promote crypto currencies. Members of the expedition journeyed with minimal stock food and other necessary means "for the first time," renounce the use of traditional money in favor of bitcoins than demonstrate accessibility, convenience and versatility cryptocurrency.

The conference was organized by a panel discussion, "Do you have the motivation of banks to develop services based on crypto currencies?" Initiated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Internet bank "Ocean" (General License №1697), a venture partner of the "OCEAN Ventures" Foundation Vladimir Grankin. In the panel discussion was also attended by engineer Vladimir Severyukhin, speaking before Michael Chobanian and editor of the Internet portal "Bitcoin in Russia" Sergey Dobryshkin.

The conference distributed free unique editions. The first book about Bitcoin in Russian "BITCOIN: More than the money," was presented by the author - bitcoin evangelist Alex Fork. Doctor of Economic Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences Artem Genkin presented at the conference from two of his books: "The WEB-money Planet" and "Electronic Payments. Future begins today".

According to the organizers #CryptoForum, "it is given" national peculiarities "cryptocurrency situation in Russia, we have decided to hold a special conference and a call for dialogue considerable slice of experts, one way or another contiguous to the increasingly popular instrument. At one site their opinions and their recommendations or criticism of the audience asked how the rank and file, but experienced users Bitcoin, and the developers and owners of long-term resources - protocols and platforms, electronic "wallets", stocks, online stores, as well as scientists. particularly noteworthy part in the event, representatives of the official structures - perhaps this is an event, as never before had not united to discuss the pressing issues of users and civil servants. newsworthy Conference was serious for the whole community, and with our help its main result was the development of a common position on the interaction of actors involved, in addition, its results will benefit anyone interested cryptocurrencies.




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