Summary of the first Russian Bitcoin conference | Блокчейн и Биткоин в России
Публикации про криптовалюты и Blockchain-технологии

Summary of the first Russian Bitcoin conference | Блокчейн и Биткоин в России


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The first Conference on cryptocurrencies in Russia, Bitcoin Conference Russia, took place on April 23, 2014 in Moscow in the clubhouse "Tesla loft" in Nizhniy Susalny Pereulok Street with a very descriptive title for bitkoiner. The event gathered more than one hundred people from Russia and also guests from near and far abroad. We also were able to go there and personally assess the scale of the event. We wish to pay tribute to the organizers of the "Smile-Expo", the conference was at the highest level. The staff of speakers is well-known foreign and Russian Bitcoin enthusiasts for which Bitcoin has become the part of their life, the way of earning, the hobby and the way of thinking.

Bitcoin - enthusiast, the consultant and the coordinator of several international Bitcoin - projects - Alex Porhunov gave a tour of the history of money and lucidly told on the examples about advantages of the development of Bitcoin technology for the modern society.

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Our Ukrainian colleagues - the founder of "Kuna agency" Michael Chobanyan made us happy for the depth knowledge of the matter.

The performance of Ivan Tikhonov, founder, was very useful . He expounded the safety of cryptocurrencies' storage.

The appearance on the scene of "Bitcoin Jesus" -Roger Ver stressed that the world Bitcoin Community paid due attention to this event. In the participants' reports were disclosed all destinations where Bitcoin - industry developped. Bitcoin - casino, exchanges and even Bitcoin - ATM of the firm "Lamassu" were brought on the conference by the young and energetic guys from "CoinSpot".

The audience was able to concentrate after one of the sponsors’ body art show, just to the appearance of Artem Tolkacheva – the managing partner of the law firm "Tolkachev and partners." He commented the letter to the Central Bank and to the Prosecutor's Office of Russia, which caused a wide resonance in the global Bitcoin Community and gave it a legal assessment. Lawyers of this company closely follow changes in the law and are willing to give legally sound response on the use of Bitcoin. They have demonstrated it, answering numerous questions from the audience. The audience admittedly also came prepared and listened with genuine attention to the speakers and asked educated questions.

Bitcoin penetrates into the various spheres of our life, it becomes the way of earning for computer geeks, serves as the development of technology and occupies the minds of financiers and bankers. But there was one man on the Bitcoin conference whose appearance deserved special attention. Sergey Solovyov – the Expedition Leader of UNESCO , the President of the Academy of the Russian bath , a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia , a member of Russian Geographical Society , the honorary polar of Russia . When the man began talking about the pros of Bitcoin use, we once again made ​​sure that Bitcoin had a great future. He gathers an expedition which will be financed only by donations to Bitcoin. We will follow this project separately and will render information support.

We also want to thank the organizers for the excellent organization of the event and for their contribution to the development of such innovations as cryptocurrencies in Russia. We hope that such meetings will become regular.




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